6 Stages Of Sharing Your Bed With Your Partner


It is very hard for people to share their things, especially when they are used to hanging out alone all the time. They are constantly thinking that it’s their belongings and they own it, but when you are in love, you don’t think about the other things and usually let go of your things for the sake of your significant other.

It is not only annoying to share your things but you are more annoyed when your things aren’t taken care of. Sharing your bed is by far the most annoying thing. You have to change your sleeping habits and positions for the sake of your partner.

Stages Of Sharing Your Bed With Your Partner

Stage 1

It starts very comfy and sweet but as time passes you will know how it gets vulnerable moment by moment. All the couples get to this stage and to another in no time. They realize how short-lived this stage is. And comfort takes over!

Stage 2

Illustrator Jacob Andrews has shown the day-to-day life so beautifully. Every couple would relate to this. As explained above that people grow out of this habit. It’s got all sweaty and it is unbearable to maintain the position for too long.

Stage 3

When you even try to not get too cosy you suck at maintaining distance. A perfect distance is something that you would never be able to pursue as everything is too much or too little. Then the partner’s complaining is another thing you should be worried about.

Stage 4

This is something that would bother you in the initial stages of your relationship but once you get used to it, you will try to ignore it and care less about your partner’s sleep positions. Hopefully, it is not as bad as this exaggerated illustration.

Stage 5

Some people are quite bizarre with their tantrums while sleeping. Their mood swings get too far and bother their partner too much. But it is better than sleeping alone, right?

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Sleeping with someone all the time makes you appreciate the time when you are alone but it is not always a good feeling. Because you start feeling lonely again and it would make you overthink situations which might scare you in the middle of the night.

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