“Thank God! She Was…”, Kajol Reacts To Social Media Trolling Of Nysa Devgan!


It’s no secret that famous Bollywood couples frequently make news and that their kids face the same scrutiny for their deeds. Not one famous child has escaped criticism from the media and paparazzi, not even Aryan Khan, the son of Shah Rukh Khan, or Aarav Bhatia, the son of Akshay Kumar.

Nysa Devgan, the daughter of Ajay and Kajol Devgan, likewise excels at this level. Nysa Devgan receives criticism and is frequently the target of trolling on social media for her style choices and her late-night get-togethers with pals. On a recent occasion, Mommy Kajol answered inquiries about Nysa’s internet trolling.

The DDLJ actress stated that her duty as a parent is to ensure her kids aren’t harmed by all the hate they encounter. She disclosed that she was unaware of the social media harassment since her daughter Nysa Devgan was not in India then. Regarding the same topic, Kajol stated:

Kajol went on to say that social media is a relatively small portion of society, but it is there everywhere. She feels that a person’s view of themselves is the most important, hence remarks made on social media should be disregarded. Kajol also talked about how she taught Nysa Devgan, her daughter, not to worry about trolls on social media.

The actress from “My Name Is Khan” also discussed how she instilled in her kids a respect for both men and women. Kajol stated:

“Once more, if I am teaching my son to respect women, then I must teach my daughter the same lessons. Thankfully, touchwood, I do not have to teach my daughter. I hope to set an example for her, showing her that respect for oneself begins with oneself.