Twitter Thinks That SRK In ‘Veer Zara’ Invented Romance & Honestly, He Did


I came to the realisation pretty early in life that Shah Rukh Khan is the epitome of romanticism if there ever was one.

Imagine becoming so emotionally attached to a fictional couple’s love tale that you sob uncontrollably when they are torn apart. the lead song from Veer Zara.

The fact that Veer Zara is a cinematic masterpiece is well known, but what makes it even more stunning are the scenes without a lot of conversation but convey more than words ever could.

And SRK doesn’t scatter rose petals to show excessive displays of affection; rather, his gaze alone has the power to enchant.

We can’t help but agree with Twitter when it claims that SRK invented romance or at the very least increased the bar for it.

Reason number one is why you must not let me accept any less romanticism in real life.