5 Times Aamir Khan Showed His Emotional Side & Proved He’s More ‘Real’ Than ‘Reel’ In His Life

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Boycot, aamir khan, aamir khan's film, laal singh chada, movies, toxic,
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Men are raised with certain stereotypes, such as the idea that “real men don’t weep,” “man up,” and other sayings along those lines. Because society has set some pretty strict expectations, we need to start normalising the conversation surrounding it and teach guys that it’s good to express their emotions and not keep a guard up.

Aamir Khan is one example of someone who isn’t afraid to have fun and doesn’t really worry about how society would view him if he sobs in front of a crowd. In reality, he has made some effort to burst the male identity bubble by asking what men should be.

Here are 5 instances in which Aamir Khan sobbed in public and demonstrated that it’s acceptable for guys to express their emotions:

1. Satyamev Jayate Launch

Aamir Khan sobbed over the heartbreaking account of a rape survivor in 2014 at the premiere of Satyamev Jayate’s third season. In front of the anchor and the current press personnel, he was unable to contain his tears. He needs to wipe his tears away with his shirt.

While filming for the Nayi Soch Ki Talash Aamir Khan Ke Saath special, Aamir Khan became quite talkative. The actor, who has never discussed his family, talked about his mother, sisters, kids, and wife in his latest blockbuster Parivaar, Star Parivaar. Not only that, but the perfectionist also shared family photos with everyone that he had never taken before.

Aamir revealed details in his up-close-and-personal interview that he had never previously discussed, ranging from the beginning and success of his show Satyamev Jayate, accompanying his mother on the Haj, to the birth of his surrogate child. The actor, who is renowned for his faultless performances, acknowledged that his upbringing is the reason why he is such an emotional guy. He added that three women—his mother, Kiran, and Reena—play crucial roles in his life. Aamir responded in a split second when a Parivaar participant asked who his close friend in the business is. Rani Mukherjee.

2. Bajrangi Bhaijaan Screening

Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan had Aamir Khan gushing about the movie and he was overcome with emotion as he left the theatre. He was dabbing away tears with a towel, and as a video of him crying went viral, he also became the focus of memes.

He said:

“I read every joke (on ). As I read them, I laughed. There were some extremely funny jokes, but I can’t recall them right now. I really appreciated all the attention “the actor tells us as he travels from Amritsar to Ludhiana to begin filming for his movie, Dangal. We keep disconnecting because the network is unfavourable. Although it’s not his fault, the actor apologises a lot.

After witnessing Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Khan walked out wiping his tears with a large, brown towel. This earned him quite the following on Twitter, but Khan claims he had no choice. “I had nothing with me when I began viewing the movie, not even a towel. But in the second half, I became quite emotional, so I asked my boy to bring me something, which he did “He chuckles.

3. Gollapudi Srinivas Award Ceremony

Aamir Khan received the Gollapudi Srinivas Award for his film Taare Zameen during the 11th annual ceremony. In reference to Aamir’s movie, Par. K. Balachander observed, “This film made me cry, yet made me joyful too. It was a heartfelt movie that ought to shake up Indian cinema’s complacency. Aamir was moved by the speech, and as he was delivering it, he started crying.

4. Promoting IVF At A Discussion At Jaslok Fertility Centre

Aamir and Kiran Rao have never been afraid to admit that they had difficulty getting pregnant. They publicly supported and encouraged the use of in vitro fertilisation (IVF) and surrogacy for those who were having trouble becoming pregnant naturally. Aamir broke down in tears during the press conference as a young girl spoke about how she was born through IVF.

According to Dr Firuza Parikh, head of the IVF department at Jaslok Hospital Mumbai, where Aamir and Kiran had the process, “Aamir’s decision will encourage families to seek IVF surrogacy for women who may have issues bearing their baby.”

According to Dr Kaberi Banerjee, an IVF specialist with Max Healthcare, “there are a lot of societal stigmas involved with the procedure, but the fact that a celeb has championed the cause may inspire couples.”

What is IVF surrogacy?

The egg and sperm of the parent couple are used to develop a pregnancy in gestational surrogacy or IVF surrogacy. The surrogate is only a carrier and not the child’s genetic relative. While the operation can cost up to Rs 1 lakh, a surrogate can make between Rs 3-5 lakh and receives between Rs 7 and Rs 8,000 each month while she is pregnant.

5. Got emotional Watching Sultan

He admitted during one of the press conferences that he cried after viewing Sultan because he thought it was an emotionally charged film, and he believed Sultan to be one of the films that may surpass PK.

Given that we don’t want to put him in that situation again, we will leave it at that. In the business, there is a rumour that he is showing a little too much interest in Salman Khan’s movie Sultan, which is also based on wrestling and stars Salman Khan. According to rumours, he even advised the writers of Salman’s movie to change the plot to prevent it from being too similar to Dangal. “That’s not true, no. The scripts are not even remotely similar. Salman is a close buddy of mine. Sultan would be exciting to see after his recent success with Bajrangi Bhaijaan. I’m sure it would make a fantastic movie “He claims.

What is his opinion of Shah Rukh’s recent statement that it is possible to make a movie with the three Khans? We obviously can’t talk about Aamir and Salman without mentioning the third Khan. He asks, “If the script is good, why not?”

What opinions do you have on the matter? Comment below with your thoughts and let us know.

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