This 24 Years Old Bus Driver Too Pretty For Her Job Passengers Told Her


The dreamwork of Jodie Leigh Fox was to become a bus driver, and she only dreamed of it when she saw a 21-year-old commercial on one of the public transit buses she was riding. Jodie can honestly state that she gets several remarks from passengers after a few long driving times that are along the line of “you’re too pretty to ever be a bus driver.”

The one who praised her 24th birthday celebration from Brentwood, Essex, as of late, however, enjoys her work a lot that she is not bothered by those remarks. Currently, once she retires in the future, she plans to continue to do so.

“I’ve had so many comments from passengers, primarily men,” Jodie Leigh Fox said.


When she drives, she is engulfed in remarks that compliment her beauty. She added, “I usually get a similar response when men get on the bus, which tends to be ‘you’re so lovely’ or ‘I’ve never seen an especially beautiful bus driver in my life.'”

I’m too pretty to ever be a bus driver, people have said, but I get some good feedback from various women praising me and my nails or my hair and make-up,” she continued.”


Yet making friends at her new workplace was difficult for her.

Jodie Leigh Fox clarifies that she has no female colleagues of her generation. Her passion for makeup and going all-out has also made it hard to socialize with peers while she drives.


“I made friends in the garage with a couple of people, but I usually just get my duty card and then leave for my shift.”

Her adorable story was pretty simple: when she used to watch them fill in as a child, Jodie was interested in bus drivers. That was the beginning of her dream that she achieved when she got her license at the age of 21.


Jodie has the capacity to handle buses, but also coaches and even limousines. In order to retain her license and credentials, she is expected to take exams.

Jodie was a caregiver before the bus driver. She now also wants to help reduce the misconceptions people have about bus drivers.


Jodie just isn’t your typical driver on a bus! She’s very popular on TikTok, too, where she’ll make skits about bus passengers.

“In order to become a bus driver, I had to do a lot of tests; it’s not as straightforward as people would think. Before finally doing your theory, you have to do an English and maths test and about five different modules,” Jodie continued.


She hadn’t expected the images that were clearly showing her how a bus driver can blow up. “Before, but not in a work uniform, I posted videos and it wasn’t until I posted that I was a bus driver that people went mad about it,” she explained.