14 Popular Photos That Turned Out to Be Clever Fakes


You’d think that everybody understands that not everything you read on the internet is accurate. Despite this, many people believe and respect images that turn out to be false. How many of you thought a cow resting on a BMW hood was an expertly crafted piece of art? What about the iceberg shot with the top and bottom visible underwater? It is widely used as a desktop backdrop. It’s also a forgery.

A purple forest in Scotland

© sites.google.com© theclinic.cl

Many people want to see the purple trees on the Isle of Skye in person after seeing a picture of them online. When they arrive, however, several of them are disappointed. The problem is that someone used Photoshop to make the forest purple. In reality, a real picture was taken near New Zealand’s Shotover River and then edited in Photoshop.

An island shaped like a star and a crescent

© SurferChick / imgur© Bossfrog / wikipedia

The photo’s well-known explanation is “The Island of Molokini – a natural star and crescent – located between Maui and Kahoolawe, Hawaii.” The only truth here is the island’s name, Molokini, which is shaped like a crescent. A picture editor was used to add a star.

25 times the size in a drop of seawater

© Kryzalid_Boudelaire / reddit

For several years, this picture has gone viral. Many of you can be shocked to learn how many plankton can be contained in a single drop of seawater. The photo’s title, on the other hand, is very perplexing. In reality, to collect that much plankton, you’d have to filter enough water to fill a swimming pool with a special net. Both of these species can fit into a glass after filtration. As a result, so much plankton can be contained in hundreds of tonnes of water, rather than a single drop. In addition, this picture shows the side of a Petri dish.

A woman sitting like a frog

© TheSoundOfRainNeedsNoTranslation / imgur© VyacheSlavic / pikabu

This picture was obviously altered, and several people were taken aback by the woman’s adaptability. However, the photo on the right is the only one that is genuine.

An iceberg underwater

© bobomcduffy / imgur

This well-known picture, which many people use as a desktop backdrop, is made up of four separate photos. According to the image’s creator, Ralph Clevenger, the clouds were photographed in Santa Barbara, California, the iceberg’s top was photographed in Antarctica, and the bottom portion was photographed in Alaska. After all, Ralph had turned an ordinary picture of an iceberg upside down and put it underwater in his pic. The iceberg turned out to be very spectacular thanks to the proper lighting of the bottom in the photo editor. However, we now have access to the facts.

During the hurricane floods in Houston, a shark can be seen swimming on the highway.

Following Hurricane Irma’s devastation in September 2017, this eerie picture went viral on social media sites. It is, however, just a clever combination of two frames. Here’s the original shark shot.

© unknown author / imgur

Since 2011, photos of sharks swimming on highways have become increasingly common during almost any severe weather event.

After the earthquake in Nepal, a four-year-old boy protects his sister.

© nasonnguyen / twitter

Following the earthquake in Nepal on April 25, 2015, this photograph gained a lot of attention. That’s when a slew of photos from the disaster, including this one, were uploaded to social media sites. A boy is seen embracing his terrified sister in the shot. The shot, however, was taken by photographer Na Son Nguyen in Vietnam in 2007. He met these children in one of Vietnam’s villages, he told BBC News. They were having fun when their parents were at work, but the girl started crying when she saw a stranger, and the boy hugged her.

This photo went viral on Facebook in Vietnam, where it was dubbed “the missing orphans.” The photo was then used to depict “Burmese orphans” as well as “victims of Syria’s civil war.” Even the photographer had to write on his Twitter account about where he took the picture in the first place.

When lightning hits sand, the following happens:

red beach #2

A photograph with such a title is often found on the internet. The truth is that when lightning hits sand, fulgurites, also known as petrified lightning bolts, can form. They can only grow in the sand, not on top of it. A piece of log covered in wet sand is seen in the picture above. Sandcastle Matt, who uploads images of his unusual hobby to Flickr, created this as one of his works of art.

On the hood of a car, a cow gets wet.

© SurreyRoadCops / twitter© thephotographicalist.wordpress

A picture of a cow lying on a car’s hood first appeared on the internet in early 2013. The picture didn’t get a lot of publicity at first. However, on October 18, 2013, the Surrey Roads Policing Unit shared this picture on Twitter with the caption: “Remember as the days get colder, animals are drawn to the warmth of vehicles, so search wheel arches or other hiding places.”

The post catapulted the picture into the stratosphere of fame, and it has since been shared thousands of times across the internet. In reality, the cow was Photoshopped because the front of the car would have been crushed if it hadn’t been. The photobomber’s identity remains unclear, but the Surrey Roads Policing Unit played a key role in the image’s viral success.

A monster cat

© hoaxes.org

In 2003, the image began to spread across the internet. Snowball weighed 87 pounds, and his mother worked at a nuclear power plant, according to the title. Jumper is the cat’s name, and he’s a regular-sized cat. Cordell Hauglie, the cat’s owner, made a joke by enlarging the picture in Photoshop and then showing it to his friends. He had no idea how well-known he and his animal would become!

The Scream in Theresa May’s office

© severedelays / twitter

A photo of Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and 27 members of her Cabinet appeared on the internet in September 2016. The photo went viral due to the presence of Edvard Munch’s The Scream on the wall. However, the photograph was discovered to be a forgery, and the actual photograph depicts a completely different piece of art.

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A carved cabinet that seems to be a picture error

© thiscaptchaisfhisbd / reddit

This image first appeared on the internet in 2013. According to several blogs, it is “a meticulously carved cabinet that appears to be a digital malfunction.” Really, it’s a computer-designed oak furniture concept by Ferruccio Laviani. The concept resulted in a bedside table that was shown at an Italian furniture exhibition in 2013. As a result, the image above depicts a digital concept rather than a physical cabinet.

© fratelliboffi.it

The other side of Jupiter

© 19ROYGBIV / reddit

This photograph has a fascinating backstory. Many people questioned its validity and believe it was tampered with. They also use the image below as proof.

© 6percentpalemale / reddit

When you first look at the semi-sphere, you might be sceptical about the photo of the Solar System’s largest planet. The reality is that the first picture is a true image returned by the Cassini space probe as it orbited Saturn. Cassini took a snapshot of Jupiter’s south pole at the end of 2000 while on its way to Saturn. This image is available on NASA’s website.

However, the “evidence” picture in this case is a forgery: a photograph of Jupiter was edited and pasted onto a ball. If you’re still not convinced, check out this video of the ball being cut in half.

Do you know of any other well-known images that are completely bogus? Perhaps you have some of your own pictures that have been edited!

Preview photo credit TheSoundOfRainNeedsNoTranslation / imgurVyacheSlavic / pikabu