10+ Dirtiest Secrets About Bigg Boss that only a few People Know!

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The most divisive reality show ever on Indian TV is nothing but Bigg Boss! The show’s new 13th season, according to reports, will air in September.

Contestants from different walks of life are locked in a common house in the series. In order to win a cash prize, they perform and complete different tasks and compete with each other.

It sounds really simple, but it doesn’t matter. The series is filled with various mysteries and hard-to-believe feelings. So here we have a list of

1. Sony TV started Bigg Boss in India

Dirtiest Secrets, Bigg Boss, reality show , Indian TV, colour TV, Salman khan, host, big boss 16

The programme debuted in 2006 with Arshad Warsi as its first host. The programme was first produced by Sony TV, who eventually sold it to Colours TV. The rest is history.

In 2006, Bigg Boss made its broadcast debut on Sony TV with Arshad Warsi as the host. Shilpa Shetty, who won Big Brother 5 and took Warsi’s place as presenter of the second season of Bigg Boss, helped the show acquire popularity.

2. Holy Books are not Allowed!

Dirtiest Secrets, Bigg Boss, reality show , Indian TV, colour TV, Salman khan, host, big boss 16

The contestants do not permit any sort of holy books inside the Bigg boss room, but if they want to read, they themselves provide it to the inmates.

3. Navjot Singh Sidhu

Dirtiest Secrets, Bigg Boss, reality show , Indian TV, colour TV, Salman khan, host, big boss 16

Sidhu is the only contestant to date that has never been voted for inmate elimination.

4. Want to Leave? Pay 50 Lakh.

Bigg Boss pays you to come home and win the competition as well. But if you want to leave in between, you can go but you may have to pay around 50 Lakh INR in exchange for a large amount.

5. Getting intimate inside the house

Big Boss is classified as a family programme. Even if the candidates wanted to insinuate something, it would either be cut out or censored because it would violate the show’s code of conduct. Since there are no cameras in the restroom, it is reported that when competitors want to become intimate, they usually head there.

6. Liquor in Juice Packaging!

Inmates are supplied with alcohol in juice bottles, according to sources!

7. No Discussion with any contestant before Joining!

Bhai meri Bigg Boss mein entry ho gayi.” “Are bhai meri bhi.” – Strict no no.

All secretive conspiracies need to be hatched in front of the ‘hidden’ cameras.

8. Bigg Boss Entry= $$$

Bigg Boss paid the contestants a good amount of money according to the sources for coming and joining the house for 2 months, according to their controversial value.

9. Who Said Inmates Clean the House?

It is shown on TV that inmates do all the work from cooking to cleaning, But as seen in the picture, some cleaners are hired to do the job.

10. Not Just People live in Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss is located near Mumbai in the beautiful town of Lonavala Hill Station. It’s a kind of jungle, and incidents occurred when some insects or small animals entered the house and the contestants were afraid.

11. Weekly pay after surviving two weeks

There was some secret news that said Bigg Boss starts paying them after 2 weeks of living!

12. Staff to clean the house

Although it is noted that the participants frequently make a scene when cleaning the house. It’s not true. The participants are not permitted to communicate with the housekeeping crew since they are not permitted to interact with anyone outside the house. The residence is maintained by staff.

13. Even the mirrors have cameras

Have you ever wondered why you see every single frame of the video? It’s because the mirrors also include cameras. That explains why there are so many mirrors around the entire house in unused locations. Just to get the best possible pictures, really.

14. The TRP game

The votes of the audience (which includes us) are well-weighted. The participants’ gates are made based on viewer votes. The other contestants are most likely to be eliminated if we continue to vote for one while ignoring the other. However, audience approval is not everything. The TRP and its importance to the media are given the most weight.

Because of the heightened daily drama, whoever is the most adored or despised stays. One of the Bigg Boss house’s biggest secrets is this.

15. No discussion before joining the show

People’s apprehension about joining the home is a result of their inability to talk about it. To maintain the audience’s excitement, the participants are forced to be quiet and maintain a low profile throughout the entire event.

Who is Bigg Boss’ owner?

Bigg Boss is the Indian adaptation of John de Mol’s hugely successful Dutch reality series Big Brother. The show’s structure is based on a group of participants, or “housemates,” being confined in a specially constructed home for around three months and seeing how they interact with one another under various circumstances.

But the show is still pleasant.

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