Highest Paid Social Media Influencers In India 2024


Instagram scrolling for hours on end has become a way of life. This scrolling can last for hours at a time, according to some content producers. These highest-paid social media influencers demonstrate that creating profitable content is just as challenging as it is!

Of course, the majority of us are just as capable of occasionally sharing a few photographs when it comes to creating content. And yet, Instagram has us addicted. Reason? producing content. These names and faces have come to represent the platform they represent. These producers take every opportunity to increase interaction and provide us with fresh content, from interacting with their subscribers and followers to announcing giveaways and posting traditional Instagram reels and stories. Their efforts have certainly paid off! We’re going to take a look at some of the highest-paid social media influencers in India right now, whose jewellery and wealth will make you look bad.

Highest-paid social media influencers In India 2024

Kusha Kapila

Social Media Influencers In India

The one lady who doesn’t require an introduction. Today, Kusha Kapila is widely known. This woman has revolutionised content creation in India, appearing in Masaba Masaba S2 as the bare-it-all PR, presenting her own comedy show, and now appearing on Koffee With Karan Season 7’s special episode. At her position at iDiva, she began creating content as a hobby and quickly rose to popularity. We are very happy that she quickly quit her job to devote herself full-time to content development. Kusha has an estimated net worth of Rs 20 crores and is well known for portraying South Delhi aunties and girls.

Varun Aditya

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At the time this tale was being written, Varun Aditya, a wildlife photographer, had 2 million Instagram followers. Even if his following may not be as large as that of many of his peers, the high price he demands for each Instagram post says a lot about how well-liked he is. He is one of the highest-paid social media influencers in India, receiving Rs 8.6 lakh for a single post on his Instagram.

Kritika Khurana

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Kritika Khurana, better known online as @thebohogirl, is your typical girl next door who has achieved success on social media. She received Cosmopolitan’s Influencer of the Year award in 2020 with 1.7 million followers. She has a net worth of about Rs 15 Cr and charges between Rs 3.75 lakh for a post and Rs 1 – 3 lakh for a video.

Aashna Shroff

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She is a fashion and beauty influencer with 937k Instagram followers and content that has hundreds of fans online. Shroff receives roughly Rs 2.65 lakh for each Instagram-sponsored post. She is one of India’s highest-paid social media influencers, with a net worth of Rs 37 crore.

Saloni Chopra

Saloni Chopra is an Indian-born Australian actress, model, director, producer, and author who has acted in a number of films and television programmes. Chopra has 441k followers who wish they could live her life, travelling the world with her boyfriend. She is unquestionably one of the tops paid social media influencers, with a net worth estimated to be between Rs 10 and 30 crore.

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Ajey Nagar aka Carryminati

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One of the most well-known YouTubers, Carryminati is a sensation among young people thanks to his own kind of entertainment. In addition, he is one of India’s highest-paid social media influencers. He makes roughly Rs 10 lakhs a month from just YouTube ad views and an additional Rs 15 to 25 lakhs a month from super chats and sponsors.